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Putting our journalistic skills at the service of brands is our mission. Created by journalists, AdC – L’Agence de Contenu is based on a journalistic and marketing logic: like a media, each brand has a positioning and like a media, each company has a specific audience.

Brand journalism
at the service of brands


DNA of Journalists

AdC – L’Agence de Contenu is composed of journalists who hold a press card and helps brands create and distribute high value-added content, regardless of the medium. Like a media, each brand website has a specific positioning and a specific audience. That is why AdC – The Content Agency defines a unique editorial positioning for each client and provides informative, experiential, or specialized content as needed. AdC – L’Agence de Contenu will naturally advise you on the right content, the right formats, and the right media.

Brands expert

For AdC – L’Agence de Contenu, content is a pillar in the marketing strategies of every brand or organization. The Content Agency’s teams are brand experts. They listen to you, integrate your needs and objectives, and develop a content strategy adapted to each issue or objective.

All about
brand journalism

We therefore accompany brands in their content strategy to create a link with their interlocutors, whether they are customers, prospects, partners, or employees. To do this, we advise you and produce coherent, sharp, authentic, inspiring, and useful content, an exercise that no brand can do without.

  • Brand journalism is simply journalism at the service of brands. It’s not product advertising, it’s not infomercials. It’s not spitting out corporate gibberish either. It’s simply content creation that adds value to your company or your market and helps position you as an expert in your field.

  • Those with marketing, PR or advertising skills are not the right people to create brand journalism content. With their storytelling skills, their in-depth knowledge of different industries and their ability to make content interesting, journalists are the most competent.

  • Brand journalism is a different way of approaching subjects, of telling stories, of taking an interest in those who make up the economy or the news of a sector and therefore to interest your targets.



Which content strategy to adopt, for which target, at which frequency, which formats to choose, how to distribute, how to measure the audience are essential points for a good content strategy. After an audit and rich and complete exchanges, we will advise you on the best strategy to adopt.


A well thought out and sharp content is essential. But it is also essential to think about your digital strategy. To know which media will be the most adapted and coherent, which design, which format, which tools. Our digital teams will inform you about the tools and formats that work and that are the most adapted to your universe.


The Content Agency was created by journalists and works with about thirty journalists. Producing specialized or experiential content is our job. Writing, making videos or designing podcasts is our daily work.


Distributing your content is imperative. Today, a content (article, film, white paper, etc.) must live. It must be read, shared, commented on and liked. From the moment a brand manages to distribute its content, it has come a long way.


A specialized team

We work with a team of professional journalists specialized by sector (Finance, Environment, Construction, Sport, Lifestyle, Luxury, Trends, Processing, Automotive, Tourism,…). This allows us to offer you the right content, the right angles, and the right contacts. AdC – The Content Agency also works with international correspondents in Asia (China and Japan), Europe and the United States.

Ava ESCHWEGE | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu



Journalist for over 25 years, expert in brands and media. Ava will help you develop your content and distribution strategy. She will propose a global editorial line and will know how to structure your speeches.

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Julie WEISS | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu


Development Director

An expert in the customer journey and experience, after several years in the tourism and events sector. She assists brands in optimising the user journey and proposing a unique experience and a strategy adapted to the needs.

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Noëlle HERMAL | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu
Noelle Hermal Adc agence de contenu


Director of editorial strategy

A journalist with a passion for brand editorial strategy, she will support you in your content strategy, the production of articles or videos, and will lead our pool of specialist journalists throughout your projects.

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Titouan LAURENT | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu


Project Manager

As an editorial expert in culture and sports issues, Titouan will be able to propose brand content adapted to the targets and issues of brands in all sectors, particularly sports.

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Grégory JEANDOT | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu


Director of digital strategy

Grégory will accompany you on digital strategy and digital creation. He is a specialist in the digital transformation of brands and is the coordinator of the various distribution and creation tools. He is also at the heart of your web app or website development projects.