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Céline Longuépée

Communication Director – HAROPA PORT

Putting content at the centre of the communication strategy is nowadays “almost” obvious. However, it is necessary to find a partner who can accompany this approach on a daily basis, on all media, with a real journalistic culture, experience and creativity… this is what L’Agence de Contenu offers and this is why we have been working with them for years, and always in good spirits.

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Marina Dos Santos

Textile Market Manager – Initial

Great collaboration with AdC for the development of videos dedicated to cleanrooms. A good listener, available and a source of proposals, AdC invests in the projects entrusted to it. Their support, advice and constructive exchanges have enabled us to produce quality work. We are delighted.

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Arnaud Molin

CEO Champmarket

The Champagne shopping experience also involves branded content through an editorial line established by L’Agence de Contenu from the very beginning on Champmarket.

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Sandrine Perna

Digital Manager – Uniper France

We work with AdC with complete confidence and they support us in our content strategy via the Uniper blog, the PROVENCE 4 Biomasse website and our customer newsletters.

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Swann Guillaume

Digital Project Manager – Peugeot France

We work with L’Agence de Contenu on a Brand Journalism strategy for our brand blog Peugeot News. L’Agence de Contenu’s journalists provide us with a sharp selection of the latest news, whether technological, event-related or advice-oriented. These articles enable us to diversify our message and attract a wider target audience to our communication media.

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Aurélie Bernard

Communication Project Manager – Atlantic

AdC – L’Agence de Contenu has been working with us for years to produce interviews and video reports, as well as to write regulatory and sector-specific articles. Their knowledge of the industrial market is a real added value for us and for the creation of content adapted to our targets and our sector of activity.

 | ADC | L'Agence De Contenu

Olivier Douard

Head of Consumer Digital – ATLANTIC

AdC is a reliable, creative and extremely competent partner in terms of content creation. ADC has helped us build our brand content, particularly through our flagship project Ma-Maison-Eco-Confort, which was an immediate success. Expertise and commitment are deeply rooted in the DNA of this agency, which knows perfectly well how to understand the challenges and objectives of a brand.