Content production: 3 good reasons to start repurposing content

Content production: 3 good reasons to start repurposing content

Recycling, upcycling… Everywhere, it’s time to recycle and content production is not left out. The proof is in the “repurposing content”, which consists in republishing a content under another form(s) or to complete it. The benefits? Boost your online presence, maximize the use of existing content on a wider audience and develop a theme in several formats. Want to find out more about this brand content practice? AdC – The Content Agency can help you optimize your content.

1. Reach a wider audience with varied formats

In all sectors, including content production, updating and dynamizing your offer is essential. Because publishing varied content is good, but reusing it intelligently is better! Indeed, reinvesting in a content already published in a different form or by completing it will allow you to reach a wider audience, without falling into redundancy. Repurposing is also an opportunity to “dissect” a subject from all angles. The advantage? The different formats chosen, such as an infographic, a video or a complementary article, will allow you to maintain your presence on different channels, such as LinkedIn, while informing your targets. A way to provide the reader with more information on the subject that interests him, while positioning yourself as an expert.

2. Anticipate your content production

Once your topic is split into several formats (classic article, interview, infographic, video…) repurposing allows you to easily fill in the boxes of your editorial calendar. This will allow you to organize and anticipate your content production as much as possible. Because even if your editorial calendar is constantly changing according to the latest news or internal innovations, it is always important to build up a stock of content produced and ready to be published. By the way, speaking of editorial calendars, we give you the best digital tools to use to build yours right here!

3. Optimize your time with content repurposing

The benefits of repurposing for content production are multiple! On the one hand, you have a subject that can be reused in several formats. On the other hand, as explained before, it saves you time! Because finding topic ideas all the time is not an easy task. Thus, by publishing a master content (main article) and then variations of topics via several channels, you will optimize your time, without reducing the quality of your articles. A way to focus on new topics, always in line with your content strategy.


Saving time, increasing your visibility, useful articles for your customers… In conclusion, repurposing content is a real virtuous circle for your content production. Want to know more? The editorial teams of AdC – The Content Agency advise you!