Creating Instagram content: tips from a community manager

Creating Instagram content: tips from a community manager

Julie Monod is a freelance community manager and passionate about Instagram content creation. After working in advertising and event agencies in Paris, Shanghai and Annecy, she now helps brands in their digital communication on her favorite social network. She gives all her community manager tips to AdC – L’agence de Contenu, to create quality content.

Is Instagram content creation right for businesses?

Of course it is! Today, 80% of searches about a brand or a company are done on social networks. So if we choose not to be present on Instagram, not only do we leave room for others to communicate in our place, but we also do not give a very credible or modern image.

Can a VSE have a place there?

Instagram is the most complete social network, even for a small company, since you can build a real professional showcase. It would also be a shame to do without this bridge to an external link: website, YouTube channel, TikTok account, LinkedIn page, press article, online interview…

Finally, it is the social network of the perfect balance between quality content and backstage. Far from TikTok and the very (too) professional LinkedIn.

You will have understood, companies obviously have their place to do content creation on Instagram!

Is Instagram more for BtoC businesses or is it also for BtoB businesses?

Both of them! For the simple and good reason that our professional hat does not stop at the doors of the company. Even when we spend time on Instagram from our personal account, we remain a multi-faceted person: personal life, family, sports, associations … but also professional. Moreover, the core target group of subscribers on Instagram is the 25-35 age group, i.e. young professionals, the real lifeblood of companies.

⟪Have a strong, differentiating, assertive and assumed identity, that is, not the same as the neighbor! Don’t be afraid of not pleasing everyone, prefer to nestle in a positioning that is your own.⟫

Instagram is an increasingly used network, what are your tips for standing out?

Have a strong, differentiating, asserted and assumed identity, i.e. not the same as the neighbor! Don’t be afraid of not pleasing everyone, prefer to nestle in a positioning that is unique to you.

Position yourself as a reference in your market, without being afraid to approach relevant accounts in your ecosystem with whom you can collaborate or propose complementary content. Be on the lookout for good practices and novelties and dare to test them to surf on the trends of the moment. Take care of your subscribers. Take the time to interact with them: send them a personalized welcome message, respond to their comments and their reaction in a story. Consider them (without insistence of course), they will repay you a thousand times over!

Make it easy to find subscribers on your profile. For example, use all the formats made available for free by Instagram to order your content and make it the most easily accessible for your community. There’s nothing worse than not finding what you’re looking for and leaving frustrated.

What do you recommend to your clients to attract their target?

Use everything that Instagram puts at your disposal by drawing the parallel with a love encounter for example: take care of your bio (you will only have one chance to make a good first impression), make yourself noticed with a real entertaining, get to know your followers by interacting with them in story with all the tools at your disposal (poll, question box, gauge, quiz…) and finally bring them quality content with carousel posts with high added value to build loyalty.

Be generous. It may seem surprising, but as in life, no one will pay attention to you if you only sell your services or products without even being interested in others. So take the time to share, to get to know your target better and to sometimes share selfless content. Down with the downward sales tone!

Are there any related tools for creating Instagram content?

Yes, you can use external visibility gas pedals that will allow you to get known by a new audience: influencer campaigns (provided you choose the right people!), contests and promotions. But don’t forget to pamper your current subscribers!


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