How to choose the right video format for successful communication?

How to choose the right video format for successful communication?

How to increase awareness and create relevant content with the right video format to make a difference? This question is regularly asked by brands when they want to broadcast a short, impactful video. Here’s an overview of the 2023 trends with AdC – The Content Agency.


The live action video format

The Live Action format allows you to organize conferences. This format is mainly intended for B2B companies. The organizer of the live action invites the people of his choice to discuss live during a presentation. It is possible to make a live action thanks to several streaming platforms such as Switcher Audio, Wirecast, Socialif, as well as LinkedIn which offers this service.

linkedin live


The UGC video – User Generated Content

The UGC video “User Generated Content” allows a brand to make its consumers and collaborators talk. This format is practical for a product launch. You just have to take a video of yourself and present the product in a few minutes. This kind of video is then broadcasted on social networks like Instagram, TiktTok… What better way to get live feedbacks with the community? Leroy Merlin has understood everything by adopting this method. The proof in pictures here.


The CSR video format

The CSR video is intended for companies that wish to communicate with their targets about their values and commitments. The particularity of this short video is not in the form but in the content. Like L’Occitane en Provence which has acted in this sense since the brand has committed itself to the ship Plastic Odyssey to recover, sort and recycle plastic waste spread on the coasts in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Personal branding video

The personal branding video is based on storytelling. The company can call upon a user of its product to tell his story and finally the impact that the product has in his daily life. This format is also useful for a product launch, but the approach is different, since this means of communication provides a sense of transparency and authenticity to the consumer. The Nike brand has understood it well with this video.


The tutorial video format

The tutorial video, or “how-to” video, is explained directly by a person in the company or by a user. This format transmits information and shows how to do something. It is an explanatory and practical video. It’s also a very popular way to meet a goal and gain the trust of a target audience for a new product/service. Nuxe has succumbed to this trend on Instagram.


The video interview

What could be better than directly interviewing experts to position a brand or make it an expert on a subject? The question/answer format makes the video more natural and real. This format is complete because the brand answers all kinds of questions that users have. The interview allows the expert to present, explain and testify about the product/service. The Slack communication platform has chosen a video interview with collaborators’ testimonials in order to be 100% transparent with users.


The Tiktok video

Is it still necessary to present the application that has 7 million users. The Tiktok video is increasingly appealing to companies who are still wondering what the secret is to shine on Tiktok? However, this format requires a few seconds of intervention, a short and punchy content in video directly on the social network. The interest of broadcasting on Tiktok lies in the fact that the company can impose its style and can make itself more accessible to targets. This is the case for the audiovisual production agency Obeevi which unveils a typical day, something to delight the most curious.


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