Arte celebrates its 30th anniversary with an exclusive podcast, zoom on the audio trend

Arte celebrates its 30th anniversary with an exclusive podcast, zoom on the audio trend

82% of French people listen to audio content every day*. Brands and media have understood this and are increasingly offering their own podcasts. The proof is in Mon Arte (in French),launched by the channel to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The podcast looks back at the small failures and great successes of the Arte adventure. AdC, the Content Agency, tells you more.

The podcast, a content above all practical…

It is well known that we are more and more lazy when it comes to consuming content. The fault of the snack content which pushed us to look rather than read, and to want to get the information always faster. This is probably one of the first reasons for the success of the podcast. But not only.

The challenge is also to propose exclusive content, to offer a unique experience to listeners and to keep a link with them on a daily basis. In short, always think carefully about your editorial and distribution strategy, which will make all the difference for the success of your program. The podcast’s success is also due to an efficient and well thought-out content production. A challenge that is well understood by Arte.

The podcast, present in all sectors

Branding and editorial strategy are therefore key pillars for a successful podcast. Are you interested in podcasts? After our last article where we mentioned the case of Eucerin, one of the first dermatological laboratory brands to launch its podcast, our next decryption will focus on a sector that uses them more and more: health.

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*Source: Médiamétrie, survey conducted in 2022.

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