Content creation: 4 strategic tips for startups

Content creation: 4 strategic tips for startups

What if there was only one step from brand to media? On the Internet, content creation has never been so frantic, despite a trend towards slow content. But more than just producing content, startups are now creating their own media and ensuring a real presence in the daily lives of their audiences. However, creating interesting and SEO friendly content for its targets is not something that can be improvised. Let’s decipher with AdC‘s experts.

At a time when the number of publications on social networks is multiplying, standing out from the crowd remains a major challenge. The key to stand out? Become a media! A challenge already taken up by companies and startups such as Welcome to the Jungle, which has become a reference on work-related topics thanks to its blog and newsletter, or Eucerin (in French), the first dermatological laboratory brand to launch its podcast.

To succeed in this editorial shift, the expertise of journalists or the support of a content agency is judicious.  AdC explains the advantages of a well-supervised content creation in 4 steps!

1. Take care of your e-reputation thanks to content creation

For customers as well as for candidates and collaborators, the e-reputation of your company, brand or startup must be clean and neat. A meticulous work that takes time, and that owes its results largely to quality content. This is where a content agency can come in, to propose a tailor-made editorial strategy adapted to your targets.

2. Create content to improve your SEO

SEO is THE cause of your visibility. Focusing on content creation is good, but writing to be seen and read is better! Keywords and seo tags must absolutely be part of your editorial strategy. And for that, it is important to be accompanied by a content agency with a well-defined SEO strategy.

3. Position yourself as an expert with content creation

Creating content is also a way to position yourself as an expert on the subjects of your sector.  It’s a great way to reassure your audience about your legitimacy, and therefore about the products and/or services you offer. If this work can be tedious and require the support of an editorial agency, it can play an essential role in improving your conversion rate.

4. Create content that is useful to audiences

This is the last step in creating content to become media: be interesting before being interested. Become a real companion for your audiences by advising and inspiring them, to make them live an experience! Because even if the ROI of content creation remains difficult to measure, 70% of consumers say they prefer to discover a brand through original and creative content*, which proves that content creation still has bright days ahead.

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*Sources Axonn Media