Orange and Lonely Planet, head to head for a relaxed disconnection

Orange and Lonely Planet, head to head for a relaxed disconnection

Sleeping at the Kerbel lighthouse in Morbihan or getting lost in the Closerie Falbala in Périgny sur Yerres, that’s what mobile operator Orange has been offering since May 3 with the publication of its disconnection guide, in collaboration with Lonely Planet. A useful and rich content, designed by two brands that at first sight had nothing in common.

The Australian publishing house Lonely Planet and Orange have just published 100 destinations and as many new experiences to forget the screens for a day with family or friends. This richly illustrated book is part of Orange’s CSR initiative to raise awareness among French people about responsible use of digital technology. The travel guide publisher is providing the telecommunications company with its expertise and credibility.

Beyond the message and the objective (which was successful), it is the partnership that is interesting. Two strong and complementary identities that manage to create a common content. The adage “Strength in numbers” takes on its full meaning. This unique partnership offers immersive and original content to its customers, in an era where to exist, you have to make a mark. This guide is accompanied by an augmented reality device deployed in stores and on Snapchat to keep in mind that Orange is present in new technologies and innovation.

This collaboration between a player in the travel culture and a giant in the digital culture can give ideas to other brands. They see the possibility of broadcasting their messages to a new and wider audience by relying on a quality format. A winning operation because in content too, if alone we go faster, with several we go further.