5 tips from AdC- The Content Agency for a successful Christmas newsletter

5 tips from AdC- The Content Agency for a successful Christmas newsletter

Christmas is approaching quickly and with it, the need to communicate. The roblem is that, everyone is overwhelmed by emailing campaigns. Your Christmas newsletter could therefore get lost in the mass or spam. To prevent your Christmas newsletter from getting lost, discover the 5 tips of AdC – The Content Agency!

1. Delete your inactive contacts

This is the first thing to do to ensure an optimal opening rate: make sure you remove inactive contacts from your mailing list. Because, inevitably, it is the active recipients who will be the most inclined to open your emails and therefore to be interested in your content.

2. Do not increase your sending frequency during the holiday season

As we said before, emails are pouring into inboxes. It is therefore better to stay on a usual frequency so as not to irritate your audiences, including during the end of the year so as not to risk them unsubscribing!

3. Think of a catchy subject line for your Christmas newsletter

The subject line is to your email what windows are to stores, especially during the holiday season! So make sure you take care of it and make it catchy. The most important thing: avoid words that will send your email directly to the spam box, the famous “spam words” such as “refunded”, “100% free”, “you won”, “discount”, etc… And write a subject between 35 and 50 characters max so that it is well readable.

4. Make a Christmas offer in your content

Christmas means gifts! Making a special offer for the holidays can be a good way to please and hook your readers, with for example free shipping or another small attention depending on what you usually offer.

5. Choose a strategic date to send your Christmas email

This is the last step before sending which requires reflection. You have to find the right window of opportunity, between not sending too early while anticipating the school vacations, synonymous with disconnection for most. The right window: between December 15 and 20, then a resumption around January 3 or 4, 2023!

It’s up to you! And to discover other tips from AdC- The Content Agency on content creation, here!