Eminente creates caliente branded content

Eminente creates caliente branded content

Some brands create ephemeral places for the time of a launch, others dress up existing spaces in their colors. The young rum brand Eminente has gone one step further by transforming the Monte Cristo Hotel, a 4-star hotel in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, for three months.

De fin septembre à mi-décembre, cet établissement inspiré par la vie d’Alexandre Dumas se transforme en casa particular (hôtel particulier) de la vallée de Vinales, terre d’origine du rhum, avec une façade ocre couverte de végétation. A l’intérieur, des oiseaux exotiques, des sons de la jungle et des odeurs de canne à sucre nous plongent dans l’atmosphère caribéenne.

An immersive scenography that invites you to travel

In the rooms, a gramophone, leather suitcases and lush plants extend the invitation to travel. The cocktail menu, composed by barman Adrian Nino, exalts the flavors of the spirit, spiced molasses and aguardiente, the typical Cuban rum brandy. To be enjoyed in moderation with an Unexpected Daiquidi, a Wild Pineapple or a Café Cocodrilo. In the kitchen, chef Annabelle Cantarero of Finca Tungasuk, who came specially from Cuba, combines corn, sweet potato or manioc with chili and aromatic herbs. The pool has also been reinvented as a tropical paradise. An immersive scenography designed by the agency Athem and the interior designer Pauline d’Hoop.

And a 360° brand content

Eminente rum itself, a brand of the LVMH group, benefits from an elaborate storytelling. The complex aroma was developed by master rum maker César Marti. Inspired by the island of the crocodile, the island of Cuba’s nickname for its shape, the bottle is textured like a reptile skin. The brand encourages its consumers to give it a second life as a candleholder, vase or carafe. It has also partnered with the Clandestina workshop in Havana to create bags made of recycled materials. From hotels to events, from sustainable commitment to content specially created for the occasion, the operation led by the house is multifaceted, like the spirit.