SEO content writing: 4 tips for SEO optimized articles

SEO content writing: 4 tips for SEO optimized articles

In the digital age, there is one criterion that should not be overlooked: SEO content writing. Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the key to getting your content listed on search engines. It is what will allow you to make your articles go up and therefore increase your visibility. There are some rules to follow in order to deliver quality and SEO optimized articles. AdC- The Content Agency gives you all its tips to succeed in writing SEO content.

1. Angle and keywords, the basis of SEO content writing

Start by finding a good angle for your content. This is the basis of SEO content writing. Your angle will help define the framework of the article while avoiding going off topic. Most importantly, define SEO keywords to narrow down your topic and make sure you are writing about something that is searched for on search engines. This means targeting what users are likely to type into Google. To find them, there are several tools like UberSuggest, Keyword Tool or Semrush. Then comes the writing of an interesting content which must bring a real added value by the chosen angle, while integrating these famous keywords.

2. The layout, the backbone of the article

It is not only the content that counts in SEO content writing, the form is also important. Thus, your article must respect a particular structure to facilitate its understanding and make readers want to read it. How do you do this? By following a precise order with specific tags for your titles and headings: H1, H2, H3 etc… These must include the keywords to a certain extent. With SEO, it’s all about balance. The keywords must appear several times for the article to be well referenced, but the writer must be careful not to over-optimize either, so that the article remains attractive and readable.

3. Meta and alt text, essential for SEO content writing

In addition to writing your content, you should also focus on writing meta tags. Specifically, on a Meta title and a Meta description, which is what you see in the results when you type in a topic or a keyword for example. Optimizing the Meta tags allows search engines to understand the content of your article and to make users want to click on your content. Also, it’s important to accompany your SEO content writing with a striking visual with a caption and corresponding alt text.

4. Create internal and external links to optimize your article

Another point not to be neglected: the use of internal and external links in your content! A way to do both internal and external linking. Internal linking involves including links that will link to other articles on your own blog and/or to other pages on your website. External linking, on the other hand, consists of creating links to pages external to your site. This is what will improve your natural referencing on search engines. Conversely, links from external sources that refer to your own site are called backlinks. It is essential to get quality backlinks to establish your legitimacy and make you gain visibility.


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