Twitch and branded content, a marriage of reason

Twitch and branded content, a marriage of reason

Having become the new darling of the web in just a few weeks, TV journalist Samuel Etienne is the emblem on Twitch of a trend that is still in its infancy: slow content. These famous contents that keep a value in time. If the conductor of “Questions for a Champion” uses it for information, brands would be well advised to use it for their marketing.

Sunday, February 7. 20h30. France 2. It’s time for Laurent Delahousse to welcome the new successful streamer Samuel Etienne on the set of the Sunday magazine. The host of the France Info morning show is live on the American platform Twitch in front of nearly 30,000 viewers. The stage is set and the audience of the 2 can now discover the new phenomenon of video broadcasting, initially known to be the kingdom of “gamers”.

Hardened thanks to the confinements, Twitch has become a real alternative to YouTube and is making television look a little bit more boring every day. Samuel Etienne and his 230,000 subscribers dust off the press review, giving it a new impetus every morning in “La matinée est tienne”. It’s a daring gamble, since he addresses an audience where one out of two viewers is between 18 and 35 years old.

But Samuel Etienne took up this challenge with brio by imposing his style and respecting the codes of the platform created in 2011. Namely, interaction and transparency. Offering quality, ethical and respectful content on Twitch for the benefit of information works. Like the 49-year-old journalist, some brands and companies have recently jumped on the slow content bandwagon to diversify their content creation.

Interactive and educational content for EDF

The latest is EDF. By broadcasting educational videos on Twitch, the group has succeeded in attracting a young audience, which was present en masse on the platform during the Science Festival. With interactive, immersive and educational content in a CSR logic, the electricity giant was able to communicate on its raison d’être, around the energy transition and the fight against global warming. The message was made all the more memorable by the fact that the operation took place over a week in the company of a familiar face from the scientific world, Jamy Gourmaud, star of “C’est pas sorcier”. The advantage of a live broadcast on Twitch is its chat, synonymous with absolute interaction, which EDF used to answer viewers’ questions. In short, a slow content mastered thanks to :

    • an editorial and experiential positioning that is effective, unique and generative;
    • an implementation of this positioning;
    • a strategic content and experience event plan.

Event content and responsible broadcasting for Ralph Lauren

The French company is not the only one to have associated with Twitch to mark the spirits. On the occasion of the end of year celebrations and to communicate on its latest creations, the Ralph Lauren brand, known for its traditional side, broke the codes by proposing to its community to play with the famous bear “Polo Bear” in order to discover the windows of the brand around the world. The goal was to collect gifts. The “gamification” phenomenon is a perfect example of what content marketing is and what slow content can do on the platform with 15 million daily users. Entertain and offer its consumers the possibility to participate concretely in the event. A total customer experience, as the evening event was punctuated by a live concert by the British band The Vamps. Slow content on Twitch is also a way to create recyclable content, a responsible distribution strategy that Ralph Lauren was able to take advantage of, as the game “The Holiday Run” launched during the event is still available on the brand’s website today.

The union between branded content and Twitch is therefore relevant. If the lack of knowledge of the platform and its users, considered as addicted to infobesity and snack content, could discourage brands to launch, today, we have to admit that the romance is just beginning.