CSR commitments: La Poste entrusts its mail to Cyril Dion

CSR commitments: La Poste entrusts its mail to Cyril Dion

La Poste group invited the director and environmental activist Cyril Dion behind the scenes of its “courrier-colis” service. A new form of content at a time when CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments are so important.

Known for his documentaries Demain and Animal, or Un Monde nouveau on the Arte website, the director Cyril Dion had never directed brand content. In other words, a film for a company.

Céline Baumann, director of communications for La Poste’s mail and parcel services, and Laure Mandaron, CSR director, asked him to film inside logistics platforms with letter carriers and women. The aim was to compare the group’s climate commitments with the reality of its carbon footprint.

“It’s not a corporate film, it’s a film in the company.”

Before accepting, the director took a long look at La Poste’s strategy and CSR commitments. The latter has set itself ambitious targets for reducing its CO2 emissions, notably by developing its fleet of electric vehicles. The group gave him a free hand and did not intervene in the final editing. The 26-minute film entitled “Factors of Change” can be seen on the La Poste website and on Youtube.

“It’s not a corporate film, it’s a film within the company,” said Philippe Dorge, deputy CEO of La Poste Group, in charge of the mail and parcel services branch, at the preview of the film on November 24.

“CSR communication is technical, we cannot simply say that we are greener. This documentary fulfills the current functions that we expect from a communication tool: to explain, to popularize, to educate the consumer,” says Céline Baumann.

What is interesting is that Cyril Dion does not ignore the contradictions of the group, confronted with the increase in 24-hour deliveries, which are a burden on the climate and its CSR commitments. Beyond communication, this film is intended as a lever for reflection for companies, politicians and citizens, who are called upon to assume their collective responsibility.

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