Health podcast: words to talk about ailments

Health podcast: words to talk about ailments

The pharmaceutical industry has made podcasts a preferred format for addressing patients. Nomadic and on-demand, audio content is particularly well suited to health topics. AdC – The Content Agency tells you more, including the example of the Novartis laboratory, which already has several podcasts to its credit.

AdC- The Content Agency has already mentioned it here: the podcast is particularly appreciated by the health actors. As laboratories are not allowed to communicate on drugs, audio lends itself perfectly to so-called “environmental” campaigns. “It’s a trendy format for patients and professionals alike, because it’s ‘on the go’ and can be listened to at any time,” confirms Thierry Kermorvant, president of the AACC Santé.

The Novartis health podcast

Novartis has taken this on board with the launch of “Life with MS” (in French) by Louie Creative Studio. The podcast features testimonials from patients who have come to terms with their condition and lived their dreams. This is not the laboratory’s first attempt, as it had already created a podcast about breast cancer with associations. The audio content is hosted by a journalist and a former patient.

Clotilde Herbaut-Collin, Patient Engagement Manager at Novartis, says: “A podcast allows patients to find the advice they need simply and directly. It’s also a suitable medium for patients’ relatives. It’s a valuable source of information about what patients feel and experience, through testimonials.”

Many examples of health podcasts

Radio Nova had also dedicated a special day to mental health, in partnership with the musician Gringe. You can find it all in podcasts. Another useful use of audio in the medical sector: long formats, developed to counter fake news circulating since the Covid-19 epidemic.

The latest proof that podcasts and health go hand in hand: the Health Communication Festival has announced the launch of the French-speaking Health Podcast Award, which will be presented in February 2023.

Podcasts, an alternative to screens for talking about health

Even if the health sector is increasingly investing in social networks, including Instagram or TikTok, the podcast seems to be a good alternative to screens, more than ever pointed out for their harmful effects … on health precisely. So let’s hear it!

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