Our 4 resolutions to adopt digital sobriety in 2023

Our 4 resolutions to adopt digital sobriety in 2023

Because new year often rhymes with resolutions, and because we never talked so much about digital sobriety, AdC- The Content Agency has decided to start 2023 on the right foot. We share with you our good resolutions.

After having talked to you about corporate CSR, we tell you more about digital sobriety to reduce its carbon footprint. A challenge that has become essential, at a time when ADEME estimates that data traffic accounts for 55% of global energy consumption.

1. We sort and delete our emails

Our mailboxes have exploded. Yours too? It’s the right time to do a big sorting and delete all those superfluous mails that consume energy unnecessarily. 20 minutes a day is enough. Take the opportunity to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and don’t forget to empty your trash!

2. Think energy saving

Among the good gestures to adopt, do not hesitate to deactivate geolocation when it is not necessary: it consumes data permanently. Favour Wifi over 4G, turn off your devices rather than putting them on standby and activate the battery saving mode when you can. Also, remember not to leave your devices, especially computers, on constant charge.

3. Prefer reconditioned products

Buy reconditioned and donate your own equipment to companies that take them back. A way to limit their ecological impact and to create a virtuous circle in which we can all participate.

4. We talk about digital sobriety around us

Alone we go fast, together we go further! Don’t hesitate to talk to your friends and family about the best practices to adopt, so that the change becomes global little by little and that digital sobriety gains ground in 2023.

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