Content creation: 5 ideas to develop your brand image

Content creation: 5 ideas to develop your brand image

Content creation with Brand Content is one of the best approaches to develop your brand image. How to use it in your editorial strategy and which format to choose? AdC- The Content Agency gives you an overview with 5 content ideas to integrate into your marketing strategy.

1. The blog post to start creating content

The blog article is one of the fundamentals of content creation. It allows the brand to position itself as a true expert. Publishing quality content and doing interviews builds trust with the audience. Because who better than a specialist or a personality who revolves around the brand to enhance it? A blog post can deal with several subjects, directly related to the brand, but especially related to its universe. The goal of content creation is to create a link with its targets by giving advice, tips, trends and by sharing its history.

2. Video to create original content

Videos express dynamically the values of a brand. It’s the trend of 2023 and a very popular way to highlight your commitment or your innovations for example. By definition, video allows to transmit emotion and to stage its storytelling. Videos are known for mass sharing, especially via social networks: LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram…. Note also that there are different types of videos, to discover them and choose which one to put forward, discover our article on the subject!

3. The podcast to listen to an attractive content

Podcasts are recorded audios that have the advantage of being downloadable and playable at any time. They are very popular with users who want to be informed or entertained while staying busy. Podcasts reach a very targeted audience by addressing specific topics that interest a certain audience. Unlike a radio show, a podcast is a content creation that allows you to be immersed and “dive” into the topic. Like video, audio brings out the authenticity of a brand through the creation of original and customized content. The proof is in the podcast created by the Novartis Laboratory, which we talk about here.

4. The white paper to deliver quality content

A white paper on payroll, a white paper on energy bills, a white paper on food risks, a white paper on construction… Which brand has not yet created a white paper on a specific topic to inform and collect data? Because these are the virtues of this format, which is a favorite of BtoB brands: to inform on a specific subject, to position oneself as an expert and to collect data, especially emails. The white paper remains one of the king formats of content creation. But you still need to find the right subject and the right experts to talk about it, a challenge for which AdC- The Content Agency can help you.

5. The event, to develop your brand image

Creating an event is also a very effective way to develop your brand image. What could be better than organizing an event to create a real brand universe or to make a link with your products and history? Events are known to captivate, reinforce the brand image, but especially to differentiate from the competition. They allow brands to create a unique customer experience to win over and build loyalty. The key is to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. The secret to a successful event? Organize yourself and make life easier for your guests. To do this, there are now very good custom applications that centralize all the necessary steps (guest list, guest book, program, quiz, where to sleep …)


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